Designing The Perfect Home

There is nothing better than designing your own home.  We can pick out all of the features that we want and it won’t cost much more than if it were built and purchased after construction.  When it comes to residential construction projects, we really want to get in as early as possible so we can take control of the design.


Colors are going to be the first thing that you notice.  You want to pick a color scheme that you can play throughout the entire house.  When you look at a typical house you will see that everything is typically white.  The reason for this is that it is a neutral color and the owners can come in and make changes.

Item placements

As your home is constructed there will be times when specific items are installed.  Before they are installed you can change height, location, pitch angle and more.  In some cases, you may want to have an island pushed out another foot or maybe angled at a forty five degree angle compared to a thirty two.  When you can get in on the start of a project, these changes can easily be made.

Tile and carpet

Another great advantage is that you can pick tile, carpet, flooring and more.  These are usually chosen at the start of a project because they are working on a predesigned plan.  However, if you are getting in early, a majority of these items can be changed, upgraded and manipulated.

Don’t go crazy

residential construction projects

When you find yourself in this type of situation where you can change a lot of different things, don’t go crazy.  Even though it might be simple, other considerations need to be made since the process is already known for other projects and making a change may slow down production in other areas.